Courses | PhD in Microbiology & Immunology

Students are required to complete 33.5 credits of coursework, including 25.5 credits of required courses and 8 credits of electives.

Students have the flexibility to choose from electives offered by any of the Medical Center departments in order to tailor the program to fit their interests. Students can view the Department Course Catalog for more information.


🗹 9 Required Courses (25.5 credits)

🗹 8 credits of Electives

Review our department course schedule, course syllabi, and course catalog.

Required Courses

BCHB 501: Biochemical & Cellular Sciences
4 credits | Fall Semester

BCHB 528: Modern Methods in Molecular Biology
3 credits | Fall Semester

CBIO 539: Molecular Cell Biology
3 credits | Spring Semester

MICB 612: Immunology
3 credits | Fall Semester

MICB 614: Bacteriology & Mycology
3 credits | Fall Semester

MICB 619: Biology/Biochemistry of Viruses
3 credits | Spring Semester

MICB 629: Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis
3 credits | Spring Semester

MICB 999: Thesis Research*
0 credits | Fall & Spring Semester

NSCI 532: Survival Skills & Ethics for Scientists
2 credits | Spring Semester

NSCI 599: Practical Data Analysis & Experimental Design
1.5 credits | Fall Semester

* In order to maintain the required full-time status, PhD students who have completed their coursework but have not yet taken their comprehensive exams must register for MICB-999 Section 01.  Students with at least one, but less than 9 credits of coursework, must register for MICB-999 Section 03.

Laboratory Rotations

MICB 985: Lab Rotation Summer Semester
MICB 986: Lab Rotation Fall Semester
MICB 987: Lab Rotation Spring Semester