Course Schedule | PhD in Microbiology & Immunology

In addition to the requirements listed for each semester, students are required to attend and participate in the Departmental Seminar Series for all semesters.

Transfer Credit/Advanced Standing: A PhD student may make a written request for the transfer of credit for specific applicable courses or apply for advanced standing. Please speak with program leadership and review the policy on transfer credit and advanced standing.

Year 1

Before July 1stregister for all Fall 1 and Summer 1 courses listed below for Health Insurance purposes.

Summer 1

Course NameCredit(s)
MICB 9985: MICB Lab Rotation Summer0 (Pass/Fail)
0 Credits

Fall 1

Course NameCredit(s)
BCMC 5001-01: Biochemical & Cellular Sciences 4
BCMC 5028: Modern Methods in Molecular Biology3
MICB 6120: Immunology3
MICB 6140: Bacteriology and Mycology 3
MICB 9986: MICB Lab Rotation Fall 0 (Pass/Fail)
13 Credits

Spring 1

Course NameCredit(s)
BCMC 5390: Molecular Cell Biology3
MICB 6190: Biology/Biochemistry of Viruses 3
MICB 6290: Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis 3
MICB 9987: MICB Lab Rotation Spring 0 (Pass/Fail)
NSCI 5007: Survival Skills & Ethics for Scientists 2
Elective(s) up to a total of three credits3
14 Credits

Year 2

Summer 2

Course NameCredit(s)
MICB 9985: MICB Lab Rotation Summer0 (Pass/Fail)
0 Credits

Fall 2

Course NameCredit(s)
NSCI 5009: Practical Data Analysis & Experimental Design2
MICB 9999-03: Thesis Research 
Students with less than 9 credits of coursework, must register for MICB-999 Section 03 to maintain full-time status.
Elective(s) up to a total of five credits5
7 Credits

Spring 2

Course NameCredit(s)
MICB 9999-01: Thesis Research 
In order to maintain the required full-time status, Ph.D. students who have completed their coursework but have not yet taken their comprehensive exams must register for MICB 9999 Section 01.
0 Credits
  • Take and pass the Comprehensive Exam in Spring 2. The comprehensive exam contains both written and oral sections (i.e., thesis proposal and oral defense).

After Spring 2, you will be automatically registered for Thesis Research (MICB 9999-01) courses.

Year 3+ until Graduation