Kelsey Stafstrom to Participate in Leaders of Tomorrow Summit

Kelsey Stafstrom is a student in the M.S. in Biomedical Science Policy and Advocacy program, and she has been selected to participate in the Leaders of Tomorrow Summit.  She is one of four Biomedical Graduate Education students to participate in this event.  

In her own words, she described the “Leaders of Tomorrow Summit as a remarkable event that ”is the Mid-Atlantic region’s first student-led, cross-functional and inter-generational leadership bringing “50 Leaders of Tomorrow” together with established leaders from different sectors to inspire innovation, develop leadership, grow our regional bioeconomy, and challenge each other through discussions and seminars. The leaders are graduate students from universities across the region who are involved in medicine, law, business and science who share a passion for biomedical innovation. This one-day immersive meeting will include interactive seminars, panel discussions, and an innovation challenge for the “50 Leaders of Tomorrow.” Our challenge is to design a new approach to the tough problems hindering our bioeconomy everyday. We will be working with industry, academia and other stakeholders to develop our ideas for the hopes of investment and implementation in the near future. It is a great opportunity to learn about interdisciplinary action in the Mid-Atlantic, and how a unified voice can incite change.”

We invite you to participate as well in the Leaders of Tomorrow Summit. For more information, click here.