Course Registration & Withdrawal Information

If you have not registered yet for your classes, feel free to go to MyAccess and register for the classes needed according to your coursework. Each program’s curriculum will be listed under your program in the Academics section.

For instructions on how to register, visit the MyAccess FAQ page and click “Register for Classes” in the Student section. You can also find instructions for preparing to register, which can make registration itself less complicated.

For registration dates, visit BGE Academics and click “Registration Dates” under Important Dates.

Students should be able to add and drop courses before the end of Add/Drop registration period online through MyAccess. However, if you are unable to add or drop the course online, then you will need to complete the Add/Drop Form and hand in the forms to the program coordinator and the University Registrar.

If students wish to drop and withdraw from a course after the end of Add/Drop registration period, students will also need to use the Add/Drop Form to withdraw before the course withdrawal deadline. 

For Add/Drop dates, visit BGE Academics and click “Registration Dates” under Important Dates.

Canvas is Georgetown’s learning management system. Once classes begin, you should be able to see the majority of your courses that you have officially registered for listed on this online platform. Please note that not all of your professors use this online platform for every class, so do not panic if you do not see one of your classes listed. Be sure to communicate with your professor to clarify whether they will be using this online platform or not.

Log in to Canvas with your netID and netID password.

If you wish to take an elective course outside of our MICB department, please reach out to the professor(s) of the course(s) you want to take and the director of your program to receive permission to take that course.

If you wish to take an elective course outside of what is listed in your curriculum, but this course is under the MICB Department, you will not need to receive permission from the professor of those courses. However, you are required to contact and inform your program director, as to why you wish to take MICB courses outside of what is listed in your curriculum. The electives that you see in the curriculum are courses that the program directors recommend for their students to take in relation to their program, and are the ones that will count toward your degree.

If you wish to take courses outside of your department or MICB courses that are not listed in your curriculum, it is necessary to inform your program director to know, so we can make sure to count those credits toward your degree.