Professor: Patricia Foley


Dr. Foley is Director of the Division of Comparative Medicine, and Attending Veterinarian for Georgetown University. Dr. Foley has collaborated on a wide variety of biomedical research studies, and conducted funded research on analgesics and physiological monitoring devices, with a particular interest in sustained release analgesia. Since coming to Georgetown she has partnered with other faculty to develop One Health initiatives, and teaches in several departmental courses.


  • D.V.M., University of California, Davis, 1986
  • At Georgetown Since: 2013
  • Director, Division of Comparative Medicine
  • Teach in the Animal and Human Health (MICB-590), and the Drug Discovery (MICB-853) courses
  • Contact: (202) 687-0242;

Research/Academic Area(s)

Dr. Foley has been involved in academic biomedical research since 1991, beginning with work on animal models of cerebral vasospasm at University of Virginia. From there, she focused on laboratory animal medicine, serving as Attending Veterinarian and Associate Director of the Center for Comparative Medicine. She provided general veterinary clinical and administrative support for the animal research program including working collaboratively with a number of researchers over the years. In 2013, Dr. Foley joined Georgetown University (GU) as the Director of the Division of Comparative Medicine, and Professor in Microbiology and Immunology. Throughout her academic tenure, she has provided research support and served as a collaborator on numerous research studies, including several cancer research projects. She is well versed in animal models for biomedical research, including rodent and large animal models. She also has expertise in rodent anesthesia, surgery, and pain management.

She is currently a co-instructor in the Masters level course on Animal and Human Health, presenting on such topics as foodborne pathogens, animal models of infectious diseases (comparative medicine) ,and parasitic diseases. Much of veterinary medicine is focused on epidemiological aspects of disease and preventive medicine as a cornerstone of disease prevention. Experience in laboratory animal medicine provides an excellent background to initiatives in infectious diseases, global health security, biosafety, development of training programs, and ethical science.


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