Dania Shafei

Following my May 2016, I began an internship with the United Nations at their headquarters in New York City. I currently work with their Medical Services Division on healthcare policy. The Medical Services Divison (MSD) oversees the healthcare for all UN staff at all UN headquarters, agencies, and peacekeeping missions.

My interests are in infectious diseases, health security, and emergency response so much of my work has been involved with MSD's efforts to mitigate Zika and yellow fever outbreaks, HIV/PEP kit reporting, and working on medical evacuation projects. My daily tasks include creating surveys, drafting memos and SOPs, collecting/analyzing data, liaising with doctors in the field, data entry, project management and taking meeting minutes. I also get the opportunity to attend crisis level meetings for our conflict afflicted bases and many other high level UN meetings and discussions which give me a first hand perspective on international policy making.