Online Graduate Certificate in Biohazardous Threat Agents & Emerging Infectious Diseases

Source: CDC Public Health Image Library

Georgetown University Medical Center, Department of Microbiology & Immunology offers an online Graduate Certificate in Biohazardous Threat Agents and Emerging Infectious Diseases.  The graduate program focuses on Microbiology of CDC Category A through C biothreat agents, i.e. smallpox, plague, anthrax, tularemia, and Ebola.  The graduate program will focus on an overview of threat agents more specifically the following:

  • Sociological prospective on biodefense
  • Bioterrorism
  • Homeland security, Preparedness, Response, and Capacity to CBRNE Threats
  • Community Resilience


Certificate Highlights                                                             

  • Program is offered entirely online.
  • Full time (2 courses per semester) or part time (1 course per semester) study options are available.
  • Admitted students work towards a graduate certificate; course content is as rigorous as that of on-campus graduate classes.
  • Full-time and adjunct faculty of the Biohazardous Threat Agents & Emerging Diseases Master of Science program at Georgetown University teaches courses.
  • Admitted students enjoy online access to Georgetown library and other resources and regular communication with their professors and other certificate students.
  • Graduating students will receive an official Georgetown Certificate as well as a transcript from the Georgetown University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. The credit hours earned are fully transferable into the MS and Ph.D. programs offered by the Department of Microbiology & Immunology

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